5 to 12 October 2020

The north of Greece

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    In a group from 8 to 18 people

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    8 days

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Our destiny

A trip to Greece is always fascinating for its history and culture. In addition, if we walk by its nature, we will discover some places that will leave us breathtaking.

Meteora is a truly remarkable place, formerly at the bottom of the sea, but the tectonic movements up these conglomerate and sandstone towers. At present, in many of them there are Byzantine monasteries that hang empty under steep walls. The gray tones of the rock are transformed into bright ochres at dusk.

Mount Olympus is the highest mountain in Greece, with a height of 2.919 m. The Olimp massif marks the boundary between the plain of Macedonia, the north, and the Thessaly to the south. We will climb the Skolio tip, only 10m less than the Mytikas tip, but without danger or technical difficulties.

Voidomatis has been characterized as one of the cleanest rivers in Europe. Cross one of the most beautiful natural places in Greece and has been part of Vikos-Aoos National Park from 1973. The river is crossed by a series of stone bridges, the most famous being the Kledonas bridge, where we will pass.

The Vikos Aoos Natural Park, comprising the spectacular Vikos gorge, carved out of the Voidomatis river, is one of the deepest in Europe, reaches the 1000m depth.

Strong points:

  • Mount Mont Olimp, the highest in Greece and the dwelling of the Gods according to the legend.
  • Visit the monasteries hanging from the rugged rocks of Meteora, declared a World Heritage Site by UNESCO.
  • Walk into one of the deepest crags in the world, that of Vikos Gorge.
  • Go to the beautiful Dragon Lake, surrounded by the Pindus mountains


During this week we will travel through the places that have seemed to us the most beautiful and most emblematic of Northern Greece, we have selected them expressly for you, Meteora, Serra del Pindus, Voidomatis River, Viking Gorgues.

We will also climb Mount Olympus, the Skolio tip, the second highest peak of 50's most Olympian, with 2906m (Mytikas, only 11m higher, has an air section, exposed and difficult. For these reasons we will do the climb to the tip Skolio, much safer).

And we can also taste the good food and hospitality of the Greek people.

Day 1: Flight to Thessaloniki

Flight to Thessaloniki, Sleep in Hotel ..

Day 2: Litochoro - Spilios Agapitos

Go to Litochoro and climb to the Spilios Agapitos Refuge. Sleep at the Spilios Agapitos Refuge at an altitude of 2100m. + 1000m

Day 3: Mont Olimp - Skolio

Ascent to Mount Olimp, we will climb the Skolio tip, the second highest point of the more than 50 that has the Olympus, with 2906m (the Mytikas, only 11m higher, has an aerial section, exposed and difficult. For these reasons we will do the ascent to the Skolio tip, much safer) + 800m. Then we return to the shelter, -800m where we will rest and eat. In the afternoon descent to Prionia -1000 and transfer to Meteora. Sleep in Hotel.

Day 4: Meteora - Monasteries

Walk by Meteora, we will climb the Great Meteoron passing through the hidden Ypapantis Monastery, then we will visit the Varlaam Monastery and we will descend to the cars + 300m, -300m. We will continue with the vehicles to see different viewpoints of all monasteries. In the afternoon we will visit the characteristic monastery of the Agia Triada. Sleep to Meteora

Day 5: Bridges - Meteora

Go to Papigko. On the way we will stop on the south side of Vikos Park, to walk along the old bridges and also some charming village, such as Koukouli. Sleep in Papigko. + 300m, -300m

Day 6: Vikos - Voidomatis

Downhill from Papigko to the bottom of the Gorgues de Vikos where the Voidomatis river is born, ending in the town of Vikos. If we have time, we will walk a bit further along the turquoise river, the Voidomatis. Sleeping to Papigko. + 250m, -500m

Day 7: Astraka - Drakolimni

Climb to Coll Astraka where there is the refuge of the same name, we will optionally climb to Lake Drakolimni, at the foot of the Gamila summit, returning it along the same road, under the walls of the Mont Astraka. Sleeping to Papigko. + 1000m, -1000m. Going to the Drakolimni will increase by + 250m, -250m

Day 8: Thessaloniki - Return flight

Return to Thessaloniki, about 4 hours. Visit the city and return flight in the evening

Impressive to see those monasteries near the sky

Mar Miranda


Those people who are accustomed to walking in the mountains and who want to know this area quietly, walking and going through the most interesting places.

The Roussanou Monastery


Moderated, between 4 and 6 hours of walking at a slow pace.

Price per person
  • 895 euros in double room.
  • 235 euros, supplement for single room (check availability).
The price includes
  • Guide toACAMINAR TRAVEL Every day from Girona
  • Bed and breakfast accommodation in very cozy rural hotels of 3 and 4 * (6 nights)
  • 1 night in Mountain shelter with breakfast
  • Buffet breakfasts in hotels (very good)
  • Expanded assistance insurance and travel accidents that includes cancellation for justified reasons
  • Advice on the material to be carried
  • All transports from Thessaloniki into private vehicles
  • The corresponding VAT
The price does not include
  • Direct flights from Girona - Thessaloniki.
  • Lunch (usually for a picnic, the cost is about 5-7 per day)
  • Dinners (we usually make a common fund of about 150 euros per person)
  • All not specified in the previous section
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